USS Drum


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These pictures are courtesy of Courtney Putnam ex-STS2 (SS) who served on the Drum 1987-89

Courtney Putnam is in the center, directly behind him is Robert "Bob" Selbe. All others are unknown. If you can identify the unknown shipmates, please email and reference photo "Putnam02".

Courtney Putnam is standing and Miller (A-Ganger?) in the "Diesel".
If you can further identify Miller, please email and reference photo "Putnam03".

In the "Shack"
Far left, Niger, next is Chief Jeff Whitacker, in the very back with hat is Courtney Putnam and to the left of him is Charlie Wade, to the right, reclining is Aaron Faas. All others are unknown, if you can help put a name to these shipmates, pleasee email and reference photo "Putnam04". 

Revised: April 23, 2005