USS Drum

Crew Pictures 1989

Anchored off Maui 1989 Crew Pictures 1989

These pictures were sent in by Mike Millsap, former EM1 (SS/DV). Mike was a Nuc who served on the USS Drum from 1986-1990. These pictures were taken of E-DIV guys on liberty in the San Francisco area when the Drum spend 10 days at Mare Island in early summer 1988 or 1989 (not sure).

Mike Jones, John Sowers, John "Bucket Head" Edwards, Kenneth Pulliam*, Jeff Whitmore
* Mike reports that Kenneth is still in the USN as EMCS (SS)

John "Bucket Head" Edwards, John Sowers, Kenneth Pulliam, Mike Jones, Jeff Whitmore

Mike Millsap
Thanks for the Pictures Mike!!


Revised: April 23, 2005