USS Drum

Crew at Work.... Maui 1990

Anchored off Maui 1990 Crew at Work.... Maui 1990 Crew at Play.... Maui 1990

More pictures from Mike Millsap. 
While the Drum was anchored off Maui, the nuclear plant was running so a full Engineering Watch had to be maintained (except for Throttleman and Engine Room Supervisor). According to Mike, the "Nose Coners" (forward, non-Nukes) had 4 section duty with most forward watches secured while the Nukes had port and starboard watches and could get ashore after 3-4 days on-board.

Looking into the Maneuvering Room
In the front is Jeff Whitmore EM1 (SS/DV). He is sitting at the RO (Reactor Operator) position.
Behind him is the EO (Electrical Operator) is Mike Millsap.
In the lower left corner you see the red warning sign covering the Throttle wheels.

Taken from inside the Maneuvering Room
The ELT (Engineering Lab Technician) MM2 (SS) Jimbo Halloran is in the center. The face at the left edge is that of the RO, ET1 (SS) Mike Waldrop.

Engine Room Upper Level
This is MM2 (SS) Donnelson at the workbenches located between the port and starboard SSTG's (Ships Service Turbine Generators).
In this shot you can see the cramped conditions on-board.

Engine Room Upper Level
In this picture you are looking towards the watertight door leading to AMR2 Upper Level. The ladder on the right leads to the After Escape Trunk and Hatch.


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