USS Drum

Crew 1978


The pictures in this section were sent in by Jody Olsen former MM2 (SS) on the Drum 1977-1980. If you can supply additional information about the guys in the pictures, full names, correct spelling, where are they, please e-mail the info to me. Thanks!

The Wardroom
Back L/R: Cliff Wiese(XO), Brian Weaver(DCA), 
Mike Cregge, Nick Flacco, Al Schmidt
Middle L/R: Rick Denney, Bryant Giffin(NAV), 
Lou Cash(ENG)
Front L/R: Larry Wallace, Mike Sisson(SUP),
Mike Bradley(CO), Bill Cook(WEPS)
Goat Locker
Back L/Rt:  Jerry Roland, Nicklson, Wallis
Middle: Doc Smith, Kerns, Moran

Front:Dick Mild, Bill Murphy(COB)  
Back L/R:Gary Burkenbule, Bob Peltcher, WT Housley, Larry Willis

Front L/R:Bill Johnston, Luther Lucas  





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