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Recently added.... Feb 2017

Mark "Robby" Robinson STS1 (SS) 1974-1978
Joe Milos ET2 (SS)1985-1988

Recently added.... Oct 2016

Theodore May STS3 (SS) 1992-1995 Decomm
Kenneth SchwalbeQM3 (SS)1971-1974 Plankowner

Recently added.... Feb 2016

Joe Boydston QM3 (SS) 1973-1975

Recently added.... Jan 2016

Leon "Boats" Rydberg QM1 (SS) 1970-1972 Plankowner
LeMont "Docc" Hall SN 1990-1991
Mark Stoddard FTG2 (SS) 1974-1978

Recently added.... Dec 2014

Hal Cox CDR CO 1983-1986

Recently added.... May 2014

Eddie "Cruiser" Mills IC3 (SS) 1983-1987
John "Little Big John" "Spilio" Spiliotopoulos TM3 1989-1991
Craig McLaughlin FTG2 1980