USS Drum

October 1999

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The Drum along with many other Fast Attack boats awaiting scrapping. 
The boat along the starboard side (sail hidden behind Drum's sail) is believed to be the 688 class boat USS Cincinnati SSN-693.

Another view of the Drum. 
The boat in the background is the Batfish SSN-681

These pictures are supplied by Dennis Kelley, Project Mgr for the DRUM Donation project and Ken Zadwick, President of the Mare Island Historic Park Foundation (MIHPF). As you will see in the pictures a lot of work needs to be done to restore the interior so that it will be representative of what DRUM was like during her operational period. I ask that former DRUM crewmen as well as others who are interested in seeing a 637 Boat preserved as a historic museum to please support the efforts of  the MIHPF. If you would like to help, please contact me, or Ken Zadwick at the MIHPF.

Revised: November 22, 2008