USS Drum

October 1999
Bow Compartment

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Bow Compartment
Bow berthing spaces. All the bunks are removed. This was taken from the Bow Compartment watertight door looking forward. The ladder to the lower level 18 man bunkroom is on the left.

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Bow Compartment
All the way forward in the Bow Compartment. My bunk was the lower one next to the Diesel Gen Room access hatch (FD-1). The bunks are all removed.
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Bow Compartment
Several former crewmen say that this artwork was painted on the Diesel Generator hatch sometime in the late 80's. Can anyone tell the story behind this? 
Who painted it? 
When was it painted?
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Diesel Generator Room
The Diesel generator is on the right (painted yellow).
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Diesel Generator Room
Forward Diesel Generator compartment. The access ladder is in the left edge of the photo.
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Bow Compartment
Water tight door between the Bow Compartment and Middle Level Ops. Picture taken from Bow Compartment.
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