USS Drum

October 1999
Upper Level Ops Compartment

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Control Room
Picture taken from the Bridge access ladder showing the Periscope Stand (center), Helm and Planes station (foreground right) and Ballast Control Panel-BCP (background right).
The periscopes are removed.
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Control Room
Another view from forward looking aft towards the stbd side. Periscope stand is on the right and the space on the left is where the firecontrol consoles once stood. In the back is the bulkhead separating Sonar (partially removed).
control-fwd-stbd-hr.jpg (60538 bytes)
Control Room
This picture is taken from the aft stbd corner of Control looking forward. The empty deck foundations are where equipment consoles where mounted.
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Upper Level
This appears to be taken in the Radio Room. All the equipment is removed and you can see the curvature of the hull and frames on the right. It appears that in the distance the bulkhead between radio and Sonar has been removed.
upper-ops-radio-hr.jpg (52088 bytes)
Upper Level
This looks like the Radio Room looking stbd towards the hull. There was once racks of equipment in here.
upper-ops-radio1-hr.jpg (52582 bytes)
Control Room
This is looking aft from in front of the BCP.
bcp-aft-hr.jpg (46636 bytes)
Control Room
This picture is taken from the aft port corner of Control. The black box on the right is the radar controller.

When I was on Drum this was "my corner" with the SATNAV, LORAN A and C, SINS Printer and plotting table.
control-aft-pt-hr.jpg (54210 bytes)
Control Room
Starboard side which would have been behind Firecontrol consoles (now removed). ACO Switchboards are in the center of the photo.
control-stbd-hr.jpg (58746 bytes)
Control Room
This shows the Control room ladder leading to Middle Level Ops. This is taken from in front of the Sonar "Shack" door (on the right). The CO's Stateroom is on the left at the top of the ladder. Straight ahead is the aft end of the Control Room.
upper-ops-lad-hr.jpg (48951 bytes)
CO's Stateroom
 Bunk and lockers removed, safes still there.
co-1-hr.jpg (58275 bytes)
CO's stateroom 
Looking in from the door leading to the Control Room and the ladder to middle Level Ops.
co-2-hr.jpg (48049 bytes)
CO/XO's head
God help the guy who forgets to put up the "Blowing Sanitarys" sign!
co-3-hr.jpg (39018 bytes)


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