USS Drum

October 1999
Middle Level Ops Compartment

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Crews Mess
Taken from the aft end of the Crews Mess looking forward. Some benches and tables remain, the ones on the stbd side are removed. All locker doors are missing. Before we had VCR's, remember watching 16mm movies, the screen was against the bulkhead in the far middle of the photo.
mess-1-hr.jpg (59247 bytes)
Crews Mess
This view is looking aft from the forward end of the Crews Mess. On the left you can see the foundations for the tables that were removed. In the far end of the picture is a ladder which I do not remember, can anyone identify this ladder?
mess-2-hr.jpg (41848 bytes)
Here is a good picture of the Galley. All the locker doors are removed, but it looks like the griddle, deep fat fryer and mixer are still there. I can almost smell the bread baking on the mid-watch!
galley-1-hr.jpg (50639 bytes)
Another shot looking in the aft Galley door. 
galley-2-hr.jpg (37262 bytes)
Looking through the forward Galley door. The scullery is on the right. Where are the mess cooks? 
galley-3-hr.jpg (40023 bytes)
A view across the after section of the Galley. The ladder to Lower Level is on the left. The freeze box is on the right. 
galley-4-hr.jpg (46069 bytes)
Another picture inside the Galley showing the stainless steel preparation table.
galley-5-hr.jpg (48838 bytes)
Looking from the ladder (to Lower Level) across to the chill box.
galley-6-hr.jpg (47862 bytes)
Down the ladder to Lower Level.
galley-7-hr.jpg (35017 bytes)
Sonar Equipment Room
I believe this is in the Sonar Equipment Room. This was a relatively large room forward of the Crews Mess that housed the Sonar transmitter and receiver cabinets.
sonar-equip-hr.jpg (43708 bytes)
Sonar Equipment Room
More of the Sonar Equipment Room.
sonar-equip1-hr.jpg (38604 bytes)
Sonar Equipment Room
And more of the Sonar Equipment Room.
sonar-equip2-hr.jpg (36653 bytes)
Middle Level Passageway
This is taken from the Sonar Equipment Room door out across the Middle Level Passageway. The Radar transceiver is seen. On the opposite side of the bulkhead (behind the radar) is the small arms locker. Note the yellow sign. The column on the right edge of the picture is the No. 2 periscope well.
radar-hr.jpg (42187 bytes)
Middle Level Passageway
Ladder from Middle Level Passageway to Upper Level. CO's stateroom at the top right.
control-ladder-hr.jpg (39289 bytes)
This is the officers Wardroom. 
wardroom-1-hr.jpg (55636 bytes)


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