USS Drum

October 1999
Lower Level Ops Compartment

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Ken Zadwick of the MIHPF checking out a caution sign in AMR-1.
amr-1-1-hr.jpg (47642 bytes)
Another picture taken in AMR-1. Looks like one of the HIPAC's in the left edge of the pict.
amr-1-2-hr.jpg (73397 bytes)
Laundry Room
Picture looking into the Laundry Room just outside AMR-1.
laundry-hr.jpg (65990 bytes)
Lower Level Ops
The bottom of the ladder from the Crews Mess and the aft door into the Torpedo Room.
low-level-lad-1-hr.jpg (45866 bytes)
Lower Level Ops
A view looking from the ladder towards the Laundry Room. The gyrocompass is seen in the center of the photo.
gyro-ll-hr.jpg (32424 bytes)
Torpedo Room
This picture is looking aft from in front of the Port side Torpedo Tube nest. The handling gear and storage racks fill the room.
torp-aft-hr.jpg (55014 bytes)
Torpedo Room
This picture is taken from the aft port corner looking forward. The No. 1 torpedo tube is in the distant center.
torp-fwd-hr.jpg (48826 bytes)
Torpedo Room
From the aft starboard corner looking forward. The no. 2 torpedo tube seen in the background.
torp-rm-aft-1-hr.jpg (51553 bytes)
Torpedo Room
This view is from the aft starboard corner look across the torpedo storage racks towards the port side.
torp-rm-aft-2-hr.jpg (43734 bytes)
Torpedo Room
From deck level, looking down the port side, lower torpedo racks toward the no. 3 tube. The tube door is open.
torp-rm-aft-3-hr.jpg (51542 bytes)
Torpedo Room
The forward center of the Torpedo Room showing the Weapons Control Console. The open hatch on the deck in the lower part of the picture is the battery well hatch (I think?)
wcc-hr.jpg (58309 bytes)
Torpedo Room
The aft door of the Torpedo Room. The console on the left is the Static Inverter which I spent many hours repairing!!
torp-rm-aft-4-hr.jpg (48658 bytes)
Torpedo Room
A good look at the No. 1 torpedo tube door. It looks ajar.
torp-rm-fwd-1-hr.jpg (50267 bytes)
Lower Level Ops Bunkroom
Just forward of the Torpedo Room was a crew bunkroom. The bunks are removed revealing the torpedo tubes.
torp-tube-1-hr.jpg (50944 bytes)
Lower Level Ops Bunkroom
Another view of the exposed torpedo tubes.
torp-tube-2-hr.jpg (53029 bytes)


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