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Deactivation 1995
Old Drum SS228

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Oct. 2016 Reunion Album

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621 Shipmates

Shipmates recently added:
E5 Jeffrey Snoddy
MM1 John Quinn

ET1(SS) Ed Allen
SN Mark Vandamme

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A Tribute to our Departed Shipmates

2022 Drum Reunion 

Dates: 28 April - 1 May, 2022

Location: Mobile, Alabama

For more information email:

Gene Michonski
Rick Wetmore

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DRUM 2022 Reunion Group on Facebook


My name is Rick Wetmore (former ET1 SS), and I served aboard the nuclear attack submarine, USS DRUM SSN-677 from 1970 to 1975. Since first publishing this web page in late 1997, I have received responses from quite a few ex-Drum sailors. Some have been kind enough to send me some material for this current up-date of the web page. I have included a Crew List so that former Drum crewmen can add their names and hopefully establish contact with old buddies.

Many thanks to those who made comments and suggestions regarding the contents of the Drum page. I still encourage any former shipmates and crew members of DRUM to comment or contribute to "our" web page. I would also be happy to hear from any submariner or others regarding the contents of this page.
Please respond to: Rick Wetmore (former ET1 SS)

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