USS Drum

San Diego, Pearl and Bremerton 1978-79

Alongside San Diego 1979 Bremerton Shipyard Pearl Harbor 1979 Drum Wives Volleyball Team 1978 Crewmen get Awards

USS Drum Wives Volleyball Team at Bremerton, WA
Can you identify these wives?????

The Drum Wives Volleyball Team at Bremerton in 1978... Champs of the league!
Picture sent in by Tom and Susann Strain. Tom was EM2 (SS) and served on Drum from 1975-1979. Susann (5th from left) was the team Captain.

Others identified courtesy of Nick Flacco (LT 1977-81)
Back row left end, Jose Sisson wife of LT Mike Sisson (SUP)
Back row center, Peggy Cash wife of LCDR Lou Cash (ENG)
Front row 2nd from left, Jan Bradley wife of CDR Mike Bradley (CO)
Front row 3rd from left , Sandy Cregge wife of LT Mike Cregge
Front row 4th from left, Bunny Wiese, wife of LCDR Cliff Wiese (XO)



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