USS Drum

San Diego, Pearl and Bremerton 1978-79

Alongside San Diego 1979 Bremerton Shipyard Pearl Harbor 1979 Drum Wives Volleyball Team 1978 Crewmen get Awards

Crew members get awards. 
These pictures were sent in by Tom Strain former EM2(SS) 1975-79.

MM1(SS) Bruce Montjoy receives award from CO Bradley

EM2(SS) Tom Strain was awarded the Navy and Marine Corp medal for saving MM1(SS) Bob Pelcher's life in the shipyard at Bremerton in 1978. Bob and Tom were 
troubleshooting the washer. A shipyard worker had wired the cord wrong and 
Bob had grabbed it and connected to ground with his other hand. Tom was 
looking at the back of the machine at the drain valve when he turned around and saw 
Bob with his mouth wide open, but no sound was coming out and his knees were 
beginning to buckle. The cord was 440VAC! Tom kicked Bob's hand twice and finally 
broke the circuit. Tom told Bob to lie down and made an emergency report over the handset.



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