National Museum of American History
Fast Attacks & Boomers
Submarines in the Cold War

This image shows the Steering & Diving Station, Ballast Control Panel (BCP) and the No. 1 (attack) Periscope.
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In this view you can see the Periscope Stand. Attack Scope No 1 in the middle and No 2 scope (large gray cylinder) is left of center.
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A close-up of the Ballast Control Panel.
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In August 200, my wife and I visited Washington, DC and spent quite a bit of time touring the Fast Attacks & Boomers exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum of American History. This exhibit opened in April 2000 and will run until   . The exhibit was quite good with a complete 637 class Control Room, Sonar Room and Crews Mess. There were interactive audio-visual displays which included de-classified videos and pictures taken during Cold War "Spec Ops". I believe that most of the equipment displayed came from the decommissioned USS Trepang SSN-674  and the USS Sandlance SSN-660. I took a number of photo's and thought I would share them here. If you get a chance to visit DC, don't miss this one!



Revised: November 22, 2008