USS Drum
In Memory of our Departed Shipmates

Crossing the Bar

Sunset and evening star,
And one clear call for me!
And may there be no moaning of the bar,
When I put out to sea,

But such a tide as moving seems asleep,
Too full for sound and foam,
When that which drew from out the boundless deep
Turns again home.

Twilight and evening bell,
And after that the dark!
And may there be no sadness of farewell,
When I embark;

For though from out our bourne of Time and Place
The flood may bear me far,
I hope to see my Pilot face to face
When I have crossed the bar.

Alfred Tennyson

QM2 (SS) Tom Cutro
Passed away Feb 6, 2019
Served on Drum 1979-1982
Link to Tom's Obituary

TM2 (SS) Bill Cantrell
Passed away Oct 28, 2018
Served on Drum 1972-1976
Link to Bill's Obituary

MMCM (SS) Fred Holmes
Passed away Feb 6, 2018
Served on Drum 1973-1977
Link to Fred's Obituary

QMC (SS) COB Orba N. Hall
Passed away Jan 2, 2018
Served on Drum 1970-1975

YN2 (SS) Michael Jarrett
Passed away July 9, 2016
Served on Drum 1989-90
Link to Michael's Obituary

MM2 (SS) Robert Alan Doolan
Passed away June 22, 2016
Served on Drum 1980-84
Link to Robert's Obituary

LCDR James Droste
Passed away May 20, 2016

Drum Plankowner  served 1970-74
Link to Jim's Obituary

STS2 (SS) Benjamin Paul Rash
Passed away February 10, 2015
Served on Drum 1978-83
Link to Ben Paul's Obituary

ET2 (SS) Kim Patton
Passed away October 27, 2013
Served on Drum 1976-80

YNC (SS) Martin Thiele
Passed away March 31, 2013
Served on Drum 1974-75
Link to Martin's Obituary

ET2 (SS) John D. Henery
Passed away April 9, 2012
Drum Plankowner  served 1970-74

Link to John's Obituary

TMCM (SS) David B. Follo
Passed away December 3, 2012
Drum Plankowner  served 1970-72

Link to Dave's Obituary

FTC (SS) James Krepps
Passed away November 12, 2012

Served on Drum 1974-76
Link to James' Obituary

ET1 (SS) Phillip Lindemuth
Passed away May 4, 2012

EM2 (SS) David Boyle
Passed away December 2011
Served on Drum 1977-81

STS2 (SS) Steve Harold
Passed away February 20, 2011
A Plankowner serving on Drum 1970-74
Link to Steve's Obituary

MM2 (SS) Tony Meissner
Passed away November 19, 2010
Served on Decommissioning crew 1992-95

MMC (SS) Raymond E. Binns
Passed away January 6, 2009
A Plankowner serving on Drum 1970-73
Link to Ray's obituary

MM2 (SS) Gary Lee Birkenbuel
Passed away September 12, 2007
Served on Drum 1972-76
Link to Gary's obituary

SN Stephen P. Skillern
Passed away August 21, 2006
Served on Drum 1991-92
Link to Steve's obituary

CS1 (SS) Charles Kerpics
Passed away October 29, 2004
Served on Drum 1973-76

EM2 (SS) Michael A. Moffitt
Passed away October 25, 2004
Served on Drum 1976-80

Lieutenant Stanley L. Dunaway
Passed away April 14, 2004
Served on Drum 1993-95 
Link to Stan's obituary

TM1 (SS) John "Stretch" Goodson
Passed away February 27, 2004
Served on Drum 1973-77

RMCS (SS) Granerson "Granny" Hester
Passed away May 3, 2003
Drum COB 1973-75

STS1 (SS) Larry Murphy
Passed away March 23, 2002
Served on Drum 1972-74

FTGC (SS) Clifford F. Watson
Passed away December 20, 2001
A Drum Plankowner serving 1970-72

RMC (SS) Billye F. Frisch
Passed away November 21, 2001
A Drum Plankowner serving 1970-73

MMCM (SS) Conrad J. Gillaspie 
Passed away February 2, 2000
Served on the Drum 1994-95

STSC (SS) Lester Kern
Passed away c. 1997
Served on the Drum 1977-81

MM2 (SS) Joe Robinson
Passed away c. 1997
Served on the Drum 1974-79

STS2 (SS) Wes Monroe
Passed away c. 1992
Served on the Drum 1977-80

ETC (SS) Raymond A. Chamliss
Passed away January 1, 1992
A Drum Plankowner serving 1970-73

MMCM (SS) Tom Coulson
Passed away September 22, 1990
Drum COB 1975-76

LT Kenneth "Ken" Mitchum
Passed away March 24, 1986
Served on the Drum 1973-77

ET1 (SS) Mike Rizner
Passed away December 24, 1982
Served on the Drum 1978-1982
Tribute to Mike 

MMC (SS) Larry Willis
Passed away c. 1982

A Drum Plankowner serving 1970-73 & 75-80

ETC (SS) Mitch Marlow
Served on the Drum 1975-78

TM1 (SS) Davy Hoyt
Served on the Drum 1974-76

Revised: February 18, 2018